Monday, 29 August 2016

Day 1: Refried beans, salsa, tortilla wraps, green salad & yoghurt

This is the first dinner in our challenge and we decided to stick with a tried-and-tested family favourite; if you've ever been for a visit you've probably had some part or version of this meal handed to you!

However the substitution of broad beans in the re:fried beans is a bit of a wild experiment. I (Brianán) thought that the strong flavour might be complemented by the earthy spices and I hoped the texture might be similar, once the tough skin was chopped up.(spoiler: it was not)

 Our ingredients, shop-bought & homegrown:

Claudia and I worked on the wraps and, at the last minute, decided to add a big dollop of our homemade yoghurt to the mix, that really worked out, they were soft and well flavoured, I will do that again!

Claudia is now excellent at rolling out wraps , which is brilliant because rolling them AND cooking them is too much for one person (Brianán). Alíona shelled all the broad beans and I prepped the salsa ingredients:

I sautéd all ingredients, adding tomatoes and lime juice at the last minute to get a "chunky-not-saucy" salsa.
I finely chopped the broad beans (super boring) and steamed them for 2 mins in the microwave, before using in the re:fried beans recipe. It's usually kidney or pinto beans that would be used.

This is how it looked:

This is how we looked:

This is what we said: 

Alíona: 4 out of 5 stars The wraps were soft and awesome, but I didn't like the juice from the beans, I found it very bitter.

Brianán: 4 out of 5 stars The broad beans did not get soft and "beany" but I really enjoyed them anyway.

Andy: 4 out of 5 stars Delicious and spicy, the broad beans were very meaty and the salsa super-flavoursome. The yoghurt really brought all the flavours together.

Claudia: we forgot to get Claudia's review from her before she went to bed, so we'll add that tomorrow. (But she ate it all up ...)

Coming up tomorrow- Alíona will take over blogging about the dinner and I'll share a recipe for homemade yoghurt! 


  1. I love it guys! Can't wait for Claudia's update :)

    1. Coming soon Deirdre... But spoiler alert, she seemed to like it!