Monday, 29 August 2016

Feastival - The Beginning

As a family, we all love food. We are also into sustainable living, gardening and doing stuff from scratch. (And then showing it off!)
 So, for the next few days, we are having our own little experiment to see if we can feed ourselves as much as possible on foods we have grown or foraged ourselves.
August is the perfect time for this attempt, with the majority of Irish crops in now in harvest. Not to mention the crazy crap going on in the hedgerows!
We have a small garden at our house in Galway, and a larger garden of drills in Clare, where there's also a polytunnel.
We don't just want to eat, we want to eat well, so we will use some of our favourite recipes to make this a delicious, mostly vegetarian, experience.
 Detail of our first dinner - refried beans, salsa, wraps, yogurt and green salad - will be posted in the next few hours. Wish us luck!
Brianán, Andy, Alíona, Claudia and Simon (the dog).

All pictures by Alíona Hamilton

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